When you contact the practice to request an appointment, our reception staff will first ask you what the problem is.  This is because our reception staff have access to a range of health care professionals and services that can help our patients.  The information that you provide will be treated confidentially and will help the receptionist book your appointment with the most appropriate person, as this isn’t always the GP.  You can help us by providing as much information as you can.

You can still request an appointment specifically with your GP rather than take an appointment with the most suitable member of the team if this is your preference, however you are likely to wait longer.  If you require an appointment with your GP, we operate a list based system which means that you only see your registered GP unless it is an urgent problem.

Making an appointment

By telephone

Most of our patients prefer to contact us by telephone and our phone lines can be extremely busy.  The busiest times to contact us is between 8am – 10am.  If you do not need to be seen the same day, we suggest waiting until later in the day to contact us.

We appreciate that it can take a significant amount of time to answer calls and we appreciate your patience as we try to deal with the current demand as best as we possibly can.  If you do not want to wait for your call to be answered, please use the call back option.  This enables you to go about your day and the system will call you back when you reach the front of the queue.

In person

You can walk into the surgery and speak directly to the reception team who will be able to book you an appointment.

Making the most of any appointment

  • Each child needs an appointment in its own right, even if they have the same problem.
  • Make a list of your concerns before you arrive. If you have many problems, you may be asked to return at a later date so that each problem can be given the time it deserves.
  • Please wear loose fitting clothing if you think you will be examined.
  • Arrive early and book in with the automatic system. If you are late for your appointment, you may be asked to rebook.
  • Chaperones are available on request. If possible, please advise Reception at the time of booking your appointment.

If your doctor is running late, please be patient. There will be a genuine reason as to why this has happened. You may need extra time, next time!


This online system, which can be accessed through our website, it takes patients through a series of questions about their symptoms or condition and is sent directly to the practice.  This information will be reviewed and you will receive a response within 48 hours.  Please note that econsult is turned off when the practice is closed.

Enhanced access

Enhanced access is provided for our practice by Hartlepool and Stockton Health (H&SH) between 6:30pm and 9:30pm weekdays and between 9am and 5:30pm on weekends.  The appointment will not be at Queens Park Medical Centre, but we will book the appointments for you and advise where you will be seen.

Cancelling appointments

If you cannot make or no longer need your appointment, please contact us to cancel it as soon as you can.  You can do this by telephoning the practice, selecting option 2 and leaving a message with your details.  You can also cancel your appointment by using our surgery online system (SystmOnline) which you can sign up to by calling into the surgery.

It is important to cancel your appointment as this can then be offered to someone else who needs it rather than the appointment being wasted.  On average 330 appointments are wasted every month due to patients not cancelling them.




Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 18th October, 2023